Compliant Mechanisms #8

$85.00 USD

“Compliant Mechanisms” is a set of nine abstract, generative paintings created with a robotic pen plotter. The robot follows instructions produced by a generative algorithm that creates a unique output every time it is run. This is the eighth painting in the series. Various metallic gel inks were applied to acid-free black cotton paper, measuring 10 x 14 in. (25.4 x 35.6 cm). It is signed and dated on the front and shipped flat, free of charge, globally via USPS.

Several subroutines combine to create flowing, tentacled forms. The first subroutine defines an individual polygon. The second subroutine connects polygons to create a tentacle. The third subroutine clusters tentacles together, varying their thickness and length, to produce a form. The fourth and final subroutine arranges forms onto a canvas, bending and flexing their tentacles in an invisible current.